Can Window Shutters Boost Your Home’s Security?

Homeowners in the North East and surrounding areas often go above and beyond to ensure the security of their properties. Although CCTV, burglar alarms, and double-glazed doors and windows are worthwhile investments to improve your home’s security, window shutters are another incredible deterrent to break-ins. Continue reading to learn how installing window shutters in the North East will improve the security of your home.

Window Shutters are Sturdy Theft Deterrents.

Curtains are too flimsy and cannot really stop burglars from breaking into your house. Window shutters, on the other hand, are pretty sturdy and can help make your home burglar-proof. Wood shutters, in particular, are excellent for increasing home security since burglars must first crack them in order to break in. Most burglars would simply leave a house with shutters installed since they prefer “easy targets.”

Window Shutters Prevent Silent Mischiefs.

Every burglar prefers to rob in silence; any noise will alert the residents and increase their risks of being apprehended. When you have window shutters installed, the possibility of robbing in silence is pretty much non-existent since breaking the shutters is loud. Their ability to reduce the possibility of a silent, undetected entry is why homeowners favour blinds and shutters in Newcastle.

Window Shutters Prevent You from Becoming a Target.

Before breaking in, any wise burglar will probe the target and the neighbouring area; they will keep a close eye on you and your home and try to see if you have something worth stealing from the outside. If your home is like an open book, they will read everything! On the other hand, if you have window shutters installed, the intruder would be unable to take a good look at anything. They will likely change their target because they do not know if breaking into your house is even worth the risk.

Window Shutters won’t let thieves know if your house is empty.

Again, a wise burglar will make sure that no one is inside the house before breaking in. Window shutters obscure their view and make it virtually impossible for them to determine whether or not your home is empty. Most burglars choose not to break in under suspicious circumstances.

Window Shutters can be installed on any window.

The primary reason that encourages homeowners in the UK to install blinds and shutters in Gateshead is that they can be installed on any type of window, regardless of the shape and size. They are made to measure and customisable, which makes them one of the easiest security measures to implement. Furthermore, window shutters can be waterproof and can be installed on bathroom windows.

Boost Your Home’s Security with Window Shutters!

If you live anywhere in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, Durham and surrounding areas, North East Shutters can help you improve your home’s security with high-quality, made-to-measure shutters. We supply and fit bespoke blinds and shutters in Newcastle and the North East. Call our office at 0191 5806441 or fill out a contact form to receive your free no-obligation quote.