Blinds and Shutters Newcastle – A Brief History of Plantation Shutters

You only need to walk down any street in North East England to see how popular plantation shutters have become
in recent years. They have become so popular in fact that The Times has dubbed them “Britain’s window dressing of

With sales of window shutters in the North East increasing year after year and showing no signs of slowing, it is
reasonable to assume that this trend will not fade away anytime soon.

What about the past? How long have plantation shutters been around?

Believe it or not, plantation shutters have been around for a very long time and have an interesting history.
Greece is Where it All Started.
Shutters first appeared in ancient Greece, where they were initially constructed from marble. Although this made
them very sturdy and durable, it also made them quite difficult to work with, which naturally did not appeal to the
Over time, wood was used to improve the form and functionality of shutters, which contributed to their rise in

When the concept of shutters spread to the Mediterranean, their form really started to change, and they began to
resemble modern plantation shutters in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Shutters Predate Glass Windows

Did you know that wooden shutters have existed for even longer than glass windows?

Shutters, which exploded in popularity during the Tudor period, were initially constructed from thick wooden
planks and were used to cover any openings in the wall that allowed access to the outside world. Like our windows
today, they were designed to block out harsh sunlight, keep out cold air, and deter thieves.
Even when glass windows were introduced, they were prohibitively expensive for the average person; thus, most
people used a half-glass, half-shutter configuration.

Shutters are More than Just Window Dressing

It was not until the 16th century that people began to use window shutters for both decorative and practical
purposes. At this point, it was becoming more common to see ornate woodwork used for decorative purposes in
homes all across the UK and the rest of Europe.

Thanks to the introduction of wood and brick in construction during the Victorian era, home walls were no longer as
thick as they once were. Thinner walls meant thinner window recesses, meaning shutters can be used both
externally and internally.

Shutters Became a Global Phenomenon

As America was colonised, window shutters quickly became a must-have home decorative accessory. The southern
states, in particular, welcomed this style and shutters were often integrated into large plantation manors, giving rise
to the name “plantation shutters.”

Modern Shutters

The variety of plantation shutters in Gateshead that are now available to us has greatly expanded. From solid,
plantation, and waterproof shutters to a range of shapes and styles such as café, full height, tier on tier, elongated,
round, and triangular, these window coverings are truly loved by homeowners worldwide.
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